Insha Allah — GOD Will­ing: We are try­ing to post sum­maries from a num­ber of sources for each Ramadaan Taraweeh. (Please be aware that each of these sum­maries MAY fol­low a dif­fer­ent recit­ing sched­ule for com­plet­ing the Quran. How­ever, most fol­low the 1 14 juz per night sched­ule. Accord­ingly, please adjust your read­ings as the sum­maries MAY not match each other exactly. Please send us any edits, feed­back, etc. Please for­give our short­com­ings. Salaam­NewZ at gmail dot com.

Please join us as we pray that these sum­maries will moti­vate all of us to MAKE the time to read, study and absorb the DIVINE WORDS OF THE QURAN in their orig­i­nal form.

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